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Best Digital Manometers for 2020 Reviews

Manometer is a device for people working on engineering. It is designed with a cylindrical shape and is used to measure the pressure of gases and liquids. Thanks to its ease of use and portability, it has become a popular use in the test measurement industry.

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Nowadays, there are many different types of manometer such as analog and digital manometer, etc. In particular, digital manometer is more popular with many people. So, how to find a good digital manometer? If you are wondering about this then you are in the right place. In this article, we will send you the top 10 best rated digital barometers available today. Come on, let’s get started.

Top 10 Best Digital Manometers 2020

#1 Fieldpiece Dual-Port Manometer

  • There are two convenient ports, for sure, meeting the needs of both HVAC / R field professionals.
  • Bronze accessories. Air flow balanced ductwork from 60.0 “WC to 60.0” WC.
  • 2 adapters 3/16-inch to 5/16-inch – RMA316.
  • Uses 9-Volt battery power.
  • Ideal for measuring static pressure, differential pressure and gas pressure.
  • Modern design with 0 button on the dial, rubber base, magnet allows the manometer to be hung when needed.
  • Automatically disconnects when not in use, helping to save battery efficiency.
  • Comes with an adapter for measuring the inlet and outlet air pressure.
  • Compact design, easy to use, with high precision.

#2 UEi Test Instruments EM152

  • Dual inlet, can measure pressure difference up to 80.27 inch.
  • The magnetic mount allows for easy mounting when needed.
  • The intuitive interface is perfect with a large, backlit display that makes it easy to observe specifications.
  • Ability to automatically classify, store and identify ideal data.
  • It comes with a transparent, flexible silicone tube; 2-spiked air valve coupling, one soft bag and 9V lithium battery.
  • Easy to install and use. High precision.

#3 RISEPRO Digital Air Pressure Meter 

  • Smart 2-port manometer, easy to measure pressure difference with high accuracy.
  • Various units of measurement are available for your choice such as InH2O, Psi, Mbar, kPa, inHg, mmHg, ozin2, etc.
  • Measuring range: ± 2,000psi and with an accuracy of ± 0.3%.
  • The device measures pressure up to 10 psi and may not display a reading when the pressure is greater than 10 psi.
  • Suitable for pressure measurement of pneumatic control devices, gas equipment, for medical purposes, laboratory inspection.
  • Modern technology, meeting even strict technical requirements.
  • Includes two pairs of hose, user manual, a carrying pouch and access connector.
  • Easy to install, use, portable and store.

#4 Rupse Hand-held HT-1890

  • Ideal for measuring differential / positive / negative pressure in technical applications such as ventilation and air-conditioning systems, etc.
  • Various pressure units are available: inH20, psi, bar, mbar, kpa, inHg, mmHg, etc.
  • Equipped with a large, backlit LCD display allowing for easy data counting.
  • Operation is simple, clear and precise.
  • Ideal for HVAC professionals.
  • Package includes 2 flexible plastic pipes, 2 hard plastic pipes, a pressure connector, a cloth bag, a 9V battery.
  • Cost savings.

#5 PerfectPrime AR1890

  • Large, backlit LCD display accurately displays pressure readings and differentials.
  • Measuring range ± 13.79 kPa / ± 2 psi / ± 55.4 H2O; Accuracy of ± 0.3%.
  • 11 ranges: inH2O, psi, bar, mbar, kPa, inHg, mmHg, …
  • Ability to analyze and select data.
  • Use battery, play notifications when power is low; Automatically power off when not in use to save battery power.
  • Comes with 2 pairs of tubes, one carrying pouch.
  • Easy to install, easy to read and operate.

#6 Testo 0560 0510 Pocket Pro Pressure Meter

  • Used extensively to measure air and liquid pressure in machinery.
  • The LCD screen displays clear and accurate readings.
  • High precision. Self-equilibrium temperature
  • Magnetic surface allows easy suspension of the manometer.
  • Measuring range from 0 to 100 hectares.
  • Power source: battery, running up to 50 hours per full charge.
  • Reasonable price for all customers.

#7 HD755 Differential Pressure Manomete

  • Indicators are clearly displayed on the large backlit LCD screen.
  • Provides 11 to 11 different pressure units.
  • Can store data. Auto power off, saving.
  • Double casting bearing, firmly. There are brackets for hanging to the surface, helping hands-free when working.
  • Modern design with USB port and software, easy to transfer information to PC.
  • Large, easy-to-see digit display.
  • Compact design, easy to move, and store.

#8 Dwyer Series 475 Mark III

  • Ideal for pressure measurement of machinery and technical equipment; HVAC system monitoring or troubleshooting, air speed monitoring.
  • The accuracy is relatively high.
  • Toggle easy. Uses US and metric units.
  • Accept vinyl or rubber pipes.
  • LCD screen displays clear, backlit.
  • Comes with a convenient hanging cord.

#9 REED Instruments R3100

  • Differential pressure gauge up to 100psi. 11 units of measurement available such as inH2O, bar, mbar, kPa, inHg, mmHg, ozin2, etc.
  • Simultaneously the pressure and real time clock are displayed directly on the screen.
  • Low battery warning and auto off.
  • Smart manometer with 2 connecting tubes, battery, comes with sturdy carrying case.
  • The buttons are pre-arranged for control.

#10 UEi Test Instruments EM201B

  • 2 ports. Measuring range up to 40 inches. .001wg resolution below 9,999 Inches.
  • Durable with sturdy metal accessories
  • Uses Pascal’s metrics and many others.
  • Ability to retain data. Auto power off.
  • The screen is backlit, clearly displayed.
  • Eye-catching design with outstanding gold color.
  • Warranty: three years
  • Good price.

Above is the top 10 digital manometer that is most trusted by many users today. With the development of equipment and machinery, manometer has become more and more important. If you are thinking of buying a barometer, then digital manometer will be the perfect choice. Wish you will find a product that is right for you.

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