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Best Wood Splitting Maul 2020 Reviews

If your home is heated by burning wood, you will need a lot of logs every year. Whether separating logs from trees or using logs, a good separation is essential. It saves you a lot of the cost of daily living because cut wood is much more expensive than wood rings. However, separating wood itself is not an easy task; it requires a lot of effort and requires specialized tools. That is why you need a wood splitting maul. The best wood splitting maul will help you get the job done quickly without getting tired or injured.

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There are many different types of the best wood splitting maul on the market in terms of price and quality. This gives users a lot of choices, but at the same time causes confusion for them. Therefore, we have consulted the products and selected the top10 wood splitting maul that is most appreciated. If you are looking to buy a wood splitting maul, do not miss this article.

Top 10 Best Wood Splitting Maul

Intertool Steel Splitting Maul

  • The robust and heavy head is made of high-strength steel, suitable for separating thick wooden blocks.
  • The head of the maul can be used as a sledgehammer.
  • The handle is made of durable, lightweight glass fiber, so it is comfortable to use and does not hurt or tired hands.
  • Lamination is designed with embossed motifs to prevent slipping.
  • Compact, convenient size: 4.9 kg head and 34 inches long handle.
  • It is equipped with additional silicone cover when not in use or for safer transportation.
  • The maul looks cool with black and red.

Estwing Special Edition Fireside Friend Axe

  • Products are made from high-quality steel, durable, strong, stainless during use.
  • The sharp ax blade and heavy head section allow easy wood separation without much effort.
  • Vibration reduction up to 70% when separating solid logs.
  • The item comes with nylon to protect the ax blade when not in use.
  • The handle is short, helping to focus the force on the blade.
  • Reasonable price for all customers.

Husqvarna – 20 Wooden Splitting Maul

  • Suitable for sawing logs for heating.
  • The first part of the maul is forged with high-grade hickory steel by experienced Swedish blacksmiths.
  • Lazy maul sharp, heavy heads help separate the wood easily.
  • The handle is made of solid wood, has a small hole to hang on the wall.
  • It comes with a leather cover to protect the maul head or convenient to move.
  • Price is more competitive than similar products.

Husqvarna 28 Wooden Splitting Maul

  • Making splitting wood easier than ever.
  • Perfect for large and firm logs.
  • The head of the maul is made of coated steel for faster and more efficient cutting, which saves effort.
  • The rolled part is made of solid silicon plastic, anti-slip.
  • Eye-catching design with gray and orange.

Gransfors Bruk Splitting Maul

  • Handle length: 80 cm. Weight: 3.2 kg (7 lb) ideal for working on logs.
  • Suitable for separating very thick and mottled logs.
  • The blade of the maul is forged and ground into a rather concave, thin blade that helps chop wood quickly, easily, and more efficiently.
  • The handle is equipped with steel washers to protect the ax head. The rolled part has circular grooves to prevent slipping.
  • The product comes with a leather-covered case.

Small splitting hatchet

  • Weight: 2Ib. 19 “long handle
  • Made from stainless steel, durable. Maul blades are rolled thinly, making it easier to chop firewood.
  • Wooden handle fastened to head.
  • Perfect design with an extra clip on the end of the handle prevents slipping or splashes out of the hand when splitting firewood.
  • This is a great tool and helps you save energy, time when working.

GEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Splitting Maul

  • Weight: 2.16 pounds.
  • This is an indispensable tool for your daily splitting of wood.
  • The blade is made of solid steel, stainless. Ax blade is rolled thinly and sharply to make cutting wood easier.
  • With a high-quality handle, long enough to fit every user. The bulging tail helps prevent slip.
  • Reasonable price for your budget.

Council Tool 2# Wood-Craft

Total weight: 2.75 lbs. Head weight: 2 lbs.
The ax blade is made of stainless steel, strong, and heavy to save energy when used.
The wooden handle has a length of 24 “. The tail is designed to bulge to prevent slipping.
Classic design but great use.

GEDORE OX 620 H-1257 Wood Splitting Maul

  • Weight: 4.63 pounds
  • They are used for wooden products, for separating firewood, cutting branches, etc.
  • The handle and hammerhead are firmly connected to ensure safe use.
  • The ax blade is made of sharp steel. Wooden handle handles help protect the handle from damage when used.
  • Commitment to high quality is a long-term investment.
  • The parts can be easily disassembled when not in use, very convenient when storing or moving.

Wilton Tools 50836 8 lb Head Splitting Maul

  • They are manufactured with modern processing technology. Steel blades help chop wood faster and sturdier than other materials.
  • It is equipped with a safety plate to prevent head dislocations.
  • The long, slim handle helps minimize vibration when in use.
  • The handle is made of rubber with anti-slip grooves.
  • Makes a cool feeling with two eye-catching black and green colors.

Above are the top 10 most widely used wood splitting maul today. With a good splitting maul, splitting wood will become easier and more economical. The small sticks full of firewood in the warehouse will definitely give your family a warm winter. We hope that this article will help you find the wood splitting maul that best suits you. Thanks for reading.

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