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Top 10 Best Engine Stands in 2020 Reviews

Automotive engines and machines are often quite heavy and require a strong stand during repair. Engine stands don’t have many uses, but they make it easier for workers to access engine parts. Fixing the engine is of utmost importance before accessing it from any angle and fixing it. In addition to integrating 360-degree wheels and head assemblies, it also helps a lot in your engine repair and maintenance.

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However, choosing the right engine stand is equally important. There are many different types of stands, each with its own pros and cons. So, to make it easier for you to choose, here are some of the most appreciated engine stands available to you today. Let’s see what that is.

Top 10 Best Engine Stands in 2020

#1 BIG RED T26801 Torin Steel Rotating Engine Stand

  • High quality rotating motor holder. Material: industrial bearing steel. Long term durability.
  • Extremely wide base adds stability to the stand.
  • Mounting head is adjustable and rotates 360 degrees. Easy access to engine details.
  • Suitable for all domestic or imported engine blocks.
  • Load capacity: 3/4 tons (1,500 lb). Ability to move flexibly with 2 fixed wheels and 3 wheels rotating 360 degrees.
  • Smart design, foldable to save factory space or work slightly.
  • Covered by a powder coating. Good rust resistance, withstand extreme weather.
  • Can hold and rotate the engine during service. Easy to install.
  • Highlight black and red paint, easy to maintain.

#2 Performance Tool W41025 Engine Stand

  • 4 heavy duty swivel wheels, easy to move.
  • Head cluster rotates 360 degrees, easy to adjust. Allows access to the engine in any position.
  • Helps to immobilize most dynamic blocks.
  • Material: solid tubular steel. The electrostatic coating provides effective anti-wear. Outstanding yellow color.
  • Capacity 1,000 lbs. Solid rotating wheel set.
  • Head assembly can be locked in 6 positions.
  • Ideal for buildings with a crane compatible with a 15.75 inch chassis.
  • Multi-purpose engine, helping to increase repair efficiency.
  • Load capacity: 1,000 pounds

#3 OTC Engine Stand

  • Ideal for auto & truck repair and maintenance projects.
  • Made in China.
  • Innovative design, suitable for keeping engines of light trucks and small cars. Made from specialized industrial steel, good capacity. Load capacity: 1,000 pounds
  • Electrostatic coating against abrasion, rust. Resistant to extreme weather. Can work indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy assembly. Compatible with most types of engines.
  • Easy to clean if greasy.
  • Adjustable mounting head. The arm rotates 360 degrees. Allows access to engines from multiple sides.
  • Sturdy stand, great stability. Go kefm4 wheel for easy movement.

#4 K&L Supply MC25 Metric Engine Stand

  • Multi-purpose rack. Perfect for fixing motors and equipment during repairs.
  • Easy to adjust. Used for many different types of animations.
  • Size is adjustable. The brackets can rotate the motor 360 degrees. Helps increase engine reach.
  • Easy to assemble with secure locking system.
  • Being the leading brand in the market. Delivering great and lasting experiences.
  • Can accommodate six-cylinder engine with ease.
  • Securely fixes the engine, making it easier to use.
  • Good price.

#5 Sunex 8300GA Geared Engine Stand

  • Easy control, 360-degree swivel to reach the engine in any position.
  • Compact size, suitable for small engines. Help to save maximum storage space.
  • Easy to adjust mounting head and adapter fingers.
  • Solid sole. Comes with 4 flexible wheels. Good mobility.
  • Bearing steel material, without worrying about sagging or collapsing. Maximum load capacity: 750 lbs.
  • The support frame is firmly designed, preventing deformation.
  • Friendly price for everyone. Used by many mechanics.

#6 MOTOOS 1000lb Auto Engine Cradle Stand

  • High-class engine cradle. Ideal for engine repair, maintenance, or movement projects.
  • The racking system is made from solid heavy steel. Anti-rust powder coating is good.
  • The base comes with 4 metal rollers, helping to maximize mobility.
  • Load capacity: 1000 Lbs /
  • Solid heavy steel construction
  • Includes multiple holes for easy sized dynamic assembly.
  • Simple design, easy to clean if greasy.
  • The price is suitable, helping to save investment costs. Long service life.

#7 OTC 1735B 2000 lb Twin Post Repair Stand

  • Weight: 4.37 pounds. Made in China.
  • Package size: 18 L x 21 H x 18 W (inch).
  • The design stands out more than conventional products. Consists of two pillars. Adjustable external support.
  • It is an extremely stable and sturdy fixture.
  • The ability to rotate the engine 360 degrees. Allows to approach the engine at a variety of angles.
  • Is a dedicated rack application. Ideal for maintenance and repair projects.
  • Comes with versatile adapters allowing for easy adjustments.
  • Maximum load capacity: 990lb. Withstands great weight without warping or deforming.
  • Flexible mobility thanks to the wheels at the base.

#8 OTC 1750A 6000 lb. ‘Revolver’ Diesel Engine Stand 

  • Diesel engine holder. Material: heavy steel. Sturdy structure.
  • Ideal for securing a diesel engine or gearbox during maintenance and repair.
  • Capable of rotating 360 degrees around the shaft. Easy to access the engine from any position.
  • The base is sturdy, with 2 large metal front wheels. High mobility.
  • Easy assembly. Compatible with most heavy duty drive and diesel engines.
  • Doesn’t take up much space for storage.

#9 Pro-Lift T-3101 Engine Lift, 1000 lb

  • Heavy duty swing wheel. It’s easy to move.
  • Head cluster rotates 360 degrees, locked in 6 positions. Allows access from multiple sides.
  • Sturdy and securely fixed to most engines on the market.
  • Head assembly can be adjusted.
  • Made from specialized tubular steel. Good corrosion resistance.
  • Maximum load: 1250 lbs. Ideal for fairly large engines.
  • The rotation is easy with heavy worm gear.
  • Strong feet. There are 4 wheels for convenient movement.
  • Balanced size, saving storage space.

#10 Allstar Performance Heavy Duty Engine Cradle

  • Dimensions: 62.992 L x 57.658 W x 12.953 H (cm). Weight: 6,735 kilograms.
  • It is the perfect choice for engine repair and maintenance projects.
  • Made in the United States with modern technology. Design improvements.
  • Robust frame system. There are screw holes for easy installation. Compatible with most engines.
  • The product’s ability to lift is outstanding.
  • Good rust resistance. Resistant to extreme weather.
  • Load capacity is relatively large. Do not worry about warping, deforming when using.
  • Reasonable price.

Forget the fact that you always have to keep the engines fixed every time you use them, because now there is a very useful tool called the engine stand. This is an indispensable product for mechanics, especially beginners. Hopefully this article will help you find a suitable engine stand.
Thanks for reading.

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