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Top 10 Best Chain Hoists 2020 Review

Instead of struggling to lift and lower heavy objects, you should buy yourself the best chain hoist. Chain hoist is the upgraded version of the pulley. With chain hoist, you can easily lift common goods or specialized items, stones, engines and machines. In addition, hoist can lift objects of different weight, helping meet your needs well. It is widely used in garages or workshops. The best chain hoist allows hoisting to be easy, comfortable and fast and reduces the effort and manpower.

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You can find chain hoists at equipment stores with a variety of styles, sizes, cord lengths, capacity, etc. So, how to choose a good chain hoist and ensure safety? Do not worry, we have surveyed the market and selected a list of 10 best chain hoist today for you to choose. If you are planning to buy chain hoist, do not miss our following article.

Top 10 Best Chain Hoist 2020

1. Champion 440/880-lb. Automatic Electric Hoist

  • 850 watt electric motor can be remote controlled.
  • Excellent quality. The 39.4 feet long cable can lift to 440/480 pounds.
  • Hook pulley allows double-track operation.
  • Safety is guaranteed with an automatic brake design plus a stop frame and blocker.
  • The structure is solid, so it is perfect for lifting any heavy object.
  • 2 year warranty.

2. Kaixun 880 lbs. Lift Electric Hoist

  • Horsepower: 1.31hp. Dimensions: 16.3 x 11.8 x 8.8 inches
  • Lifting weight: 440lb (Single line) or 880lb (Double line).
  • Product is your best choice.
  • Easy to control thanks to the remote control device.
  • Made of heavy materials, durable, can use for a long time.
  • Equipped with a long power cord, so it can be placed far away from the power source.
  • Nice and compact design, easy to move and convenient to store.
  • Attractive designs.

3. Warn Corded PullzAll Chain Hoist

  • The ideal hoist for your work needs.
  • Rugged structure, high strength, can operate long term.
  • Can lift up to 1000lbs. Long wire makes it easy to move when lifting or lowering the load.
  • Suitable for operations in warehouses, buildings, mining areas and construction sites.
  • Easy to use and highly secure.
  • Smaller and beautiful design, easy to move and store even the modest area.

4. Harrington Hoists – BK2D2 – Canvas Chain Container

  • Good choice when it comes to chain hoist.
  • Made of durable materials, durable, is a long-term investment.
  • Large lifting capacity, easy and safe to use.
  • Compact design, weighs only 0.010 ounces so it is easy to move and store.
  • Eye-catching appearance with yellow.

5. INTBUYING 992Lb X 25 Ft 110V

  • Can remote control and more sensitive operation.
  • Key warning function helps protect the machine when overloaded.
  • The hook is made of steel that is durable, safe and wear resistant.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • Small size, light weight, can be installed on a crane, or move easily.
  • Suitable for use in industrial and mining businesses, ports, etc.
  • Equipped with a warning light will blink to remind.

6. Champion 2000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit

  • Strong, can lift a maximum weight of 2000 lb.
  • 1 hp DC motor (12 volts)
  • Fast, efficient operation with 3.3 feet per minute transmission speed at full load and 10.5 feet per minute without load.
  • Convenient with mounting channel, remote control and rolling fairlead for easier use.
  • Provides safer and smoother traction, can withstand abrasive terrain without fraying.
  • Warranty period: 2 years.

7. NEWTRY 1100lb Lift Electric Hoist

  • Remote control within 60 meters.
  • Equipped with limit switch. When the weight limit is reached, the chain hoist automatically shuts off, helping to protect the engine.
  • Versatile design, the top and bottom hooks can rotate 360 degrees.
  • There are safety locks made of special steel, not brittle, help prevent falling.
  • The gearbox is made of 100% industrial aluminum with newspaper durability, corrosion resistance.

8. WARN 87800 M8000-S Series Electric 

  • The cord is up to 100 feet long, suitable for lifting objects up.
  • Equipped with a nylon sliding sleeve to protect the rope, resist wear and stretch.
  • Traction: 8,000 pounds.
  • Has the function of remote control utility. Resistant to weather and dirt.
  • The motor operates at high speed and pulls strongly, suitable for projects in industry or construction, etc.

9. NEWTRY 3 in 1 Electric Hoist

  • 3 control methods: manual, wireless remote control and wired control.
  • Meet lifting needs anytime, anywhere.
  • When the weight reaches the limit, the device automatically shuts off, to avoid overloading.
  • Upper and lower hooks can be flexibly swiveled, easy to use, fast, smooth.
  • Material: anti-wear industrial aluminum, can be used for a long time.

10. FASTTOBUY Winch Remote Lifter Chain Hoist

  • Electric boom lifts can lift items weighing between 550lbs and 2200 lbs.
  • Strong and durable, single chain, voltage 110v, power of 1.3kw. Lifting speed: 6M / minute;
  • The motor cover is made of pure copper and aluminum, has good anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-deformation ability.
  • G80 steel chain with strong and safe welds.
  • Bottom hook can be rotated 360 degrees, flexible use, more secure.
  • Weight limit switch. Automatic power cut-off when exceeding the allowable amount helps protect the engine.


Above are the top 10 most widely used chain hoist today. With a chain hoist, you will not need to struggle to lift heavy objects anymore. Your work will become more efficient and safer. We hope that this article will help you find the right chain hoist for you. Thanks for reading.

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