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Best Automatic Center Punch 2020 Reviews

What if drilling a hole through a sheet of metal without marking the starting point? The drill will definitely slide away from the drill point and the holes will not get where you want them to be. Not only that, it can also injure you when the drill slips away. Many people try to create a starting dimple with nails and chisels, but they are not precise enough and difficult to perform. That’s why you need an automatic center punch. It makes it easy to mark the starting point on metal, wood or etc. surfaces.

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If you are in need of buying an automatic center punch for your project then this article is for you. We have surveyed dozens of different center punches and selected the top 10 best products available today. Don’t miss this article before starting to open your wallet. Come on, let’s get started.

Best Automatic Center Punch 2020

#1 Starrett 18C Automatic Center Punch

  • Ideal for making a dent in an object. Can be used on most different surfaces such as metal, wood, etc.
  • Drill holes at the same point. Safe to use without slipping.
  • Material: Hard steel. High strength, anti-rust.
  • The handle fits well. Notched surface for easier control, anti-slip hands.
  • The head is round, stiff, less likely to break.
  • Automatically drills when downward pressure is applied. No hammer required. Easy one-hand control.
  • Easily adjust the force, depth and hole size according to your preferences.
  • Easy to disassemble. The drill zone can be sharpened or replaced.
  • Coming from a leading brand in the production of high-value precision tools.
  • Withstand high intensity of work. Withstands harsh working environment.
  • Reasonable price.

#2 Neiko 02638A 5″ Automatic Center

  • It can be drilled on many different materials such as wood, plastic, metal, glass, leather, etc.
  • The body is plated with durable chromium. Impact resistant, good corrosion resistance.
  • The sturdy S2 steel head is safe to use on hard surfaces.
  • Improved design makes punching easier. The impact force can be adjusted according to needs. Ideal for many different projects.
  • The handle is sturdy. The surface is etched to prevent slip.
  • The pointed tip for higher accuracy, easier to control.
  • Easy to use. Rubber cap for comfort, avoiding hand pain when applying force.
  • Made from S2 steel with sharpness and durability. Chrome plated, effective corrosion resistance.

#3 HORUSDY Super Strong 6″ Automatic Centre Hole Punch

  • Innovative design with load-bearing springs. The impact force can be adjusted.
  • The tip is pointed, hard. For high precision drill holes.
  • Easy to use with one hand. No hammering required.
  • Hand grip, with anti-slip notches.
  • Industrial steel material, plated. For high grip, impact resistance, extreme weather.
  • Can be used as a tool to break side window lifeguards when needed.
  • The set consists of a large center punch with and a smaller punch. Convenient for drilling many different materials.
  • Easy to disassemble. The drill bit can be sharpened or replaced.

#4 Stanley FMHT16446 FATMAX Center Punch

  • Made from high-strength materials, resistant to impact, do not worry about breaking. Long working life.
  • Coated with a powder coating to create eye-catching, anti-corrosion appearance.
  • Is a leader in the construction industry and produces high quality tools.
  • Easy one-hand control, no hammer required.
  • High precision punch. The impact force, depth and width of the borehole can be changed according to needs.
  • The handle is long enough for a comfortable grip. Does not cause slippery hand pain.
  • Ideal for drilling on a variety of materials. Works well in small spaces.

#5 Klein Tools 66310 1/4-Inch Center Punch

  • Sturdy design. High quality carbon material, durable, with good bearing capacity.
  • Nickel plated for anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.
  • Diameter 1/4 inch. Pointed tip for high precision.
  • Flexible use, suitable for many different projects and materials such as craft, industry, repair, etc.
  • The handle fits snugly, with edges to help prevent slipping. Do not hurt hands when using.
  • Easily drill with one hand with no additional hammer required.
  • Long service life. Super economical price.

#6 Rennsteig Adjustable Automatic Center Punch

  • Mechanism of automatic drilling by springs.
  • Innovative design for high precision.
  • Impact force, depth, and hole diameter can be adjusted according to the needs of the project.
  • As the leading brand Rennsteig in Germany in the production of construction tools.
  • Good grip. Can be used with one hand, no hammer required.
  • Made from sturdy steel. Nickel plated for high durability. Good corrosion resistance.
  • Perfect performance, ideal for heavy industrial projects.
  • The handle fits snugly, giving a comfortable grip. Shock-resistant plastic on top.
  • Easy to use and safe.

#7 ABN Spring Loaded Center Punch

  • Multi-purpose tool. Replace hammer, drill and center drill.
  • Ideal for making or marking the center of the hole in the material. Used for many different materials such as metal, wood, glass, leather, etc.
  • Control with one hand, no hammer required. The handle fits snugly, with effective anti-slip notches.
  • The first part comes with a rubber layer, preventing hand pain when applying force.
  • Easily adjust the force according to your needs.
  • Made from durable chromium-plated steel. Long service life, high impact resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Effective anti-slip thanks to the notches on the handle surface.
  • Can withstand extreme conditions.

#8 Lisle 30280 Automatic Center Punch

  • Ergonomic design, taking on many different functions.
  • Ideal for projects that create or mark the center of the hole in industrial, and home projects.
  • The tip is pointed and sharp for high accuracy. Do not deviate.
  • It can be drilled in most materials such as metal, leather, wood, canvas, plastic, etc.
  • In an emergency can be used to break the glass door.
  • The impact force can be adjusted as desired.
  • Material: chrome steel for high strength. High impact resistance and good corrosion resistance.
  • Comfortable grip and reduced fatigue during long use. Latex covers help reduce the pressure when applying force.
  • Eye-catching appearance with silver-white color. Reasonable price.

#9 Spring Tools Double Ended Prick Punch & Center Punch

  • Rugged dual-plated, nickel-plated construction. Impact resistance, good corrosion resistance.
  • For starting point marking projects in industry and construction.
  • Round, pointed, sharp head. For outstanding accuracy.
  • Control with one hand. Easy to use without hammer. Safe for users.
  • Made in the United States with modern technology.
  • Versatile than other products thanks to the sharp tips at the ends. Easy to disassemble and replace.
  • Creates deep and precise indentations. Suitable for many different materials.

#10 Forge Automatic Center Punch – 5 inch Brass

  • Automatic hole punching with advanced load-bearing spring mechanism.
  • Ideal for making an impression on wood, metal, steel, aluminum, brass, etc.
  • The drill bit is pointed, for high precision drill holes, without deflection.
  • easier so it doesn’t slip in tight places. Don’t let your drill walk!
  • The body is made of fine brass. Anti-slip thanks to the deep grooves on the surface.
  • Can be used in emergencies to break windows, escape.
  • Leading brand for industrial tool and equipment production.
  • Nice design, connected with gold color.

Above are the top 10 automatic center punches that are used by many experts and workers most today. A good automatic center punch will give you more accurate and safer holes. Please consider carefully the design and price of each product to have the right choice. Thanks for reading.

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